WILD-ly practical wine recommendations & advice

W.I.L.D with Pinot Envy!

I have Pinot Envy.  There, I’ve put it in writing!

Pinot Noir – love it – probably because good Pinot Noir is a true accomplishment.  And, if you’ve got one, I want to try it!

It’s the high-maintenance diva of grapes.  So temperamental – it likes a climate that’s not too hot, but not too cold and takes its own sweet time to ripen.  It’s the Marlon Brando of grapes – notorious for being difficult to work with but, when the performance is good, it’s really good.

Likewise, when the grape grower and winemaker get it right – it’s a thing of beauty.

  • POINT OF INTEREST>>> While the movie, Sideways, created a Pinot Noir craze in the United States, the classic home of Pinot Noir is Burgundy, France.  In medieval France, monasteries and monks played an important role in developing the vineyards and the reputation for great Pinot Noir in Burgundy– praise Jesus, drink some Pinot!

I have MANY favorite Pinot Noirs from around the world – in time, I’ll write about each of them.

I was drinking this wine over the past weekend and was reminded why it has come to be one of my favorite Pinot Noirs from California. You can get this wine online or at retail for around $15- 17 a bottle and it has some really nice complexity that you wouldn’t expect at this price – drinks more like a $25-30 Pinot Noir.

DeLoach Russian River Valley Pinot Noir, 2007

This ruby colored wine has ripe red fruit aromas of strawberry and raspberry as well as hints of cinnamon, licorice, clove and cedar.  The flavors of dark cherries are mixed with more complex flavors of truffle, chocolate, baking spices and toast.  The tannins are soft and smooth and the finish lingers nicely.

This is a great wine to drink on its own or with anything on the BBQ.

Interestingly, Dan Aykroyd (of Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters fame) teamed up with this vineyard to produce his own private label Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay called “Dan Aykroyd Discover Series”.  Go Figure!

Enjoy and GO WILD!


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