WILD-ly practical wine recommendations & advice

W.I.L.D. for dessert!

Hurray for dessert!  Let’s face it, when you think of dessert, you’re thinking… chocolate cake or cheesecake with raspberry sauce …or pecan pie…or chocolate ice cream with caramel drippin’s.   I admit that’s all good stuff but here, I  offer you all of these great favors in liquid form (and at only 150 calories /3.5oz glass)….Tawny Port…really!

A little background on port…Port gets its name from Oporto, Portugal, where English merchants have shipped this wine for over 300 years.  Long story short… England boycotted France for a while so they looked to Portugal for wine; they added brandy to the wine to stabilize it for the voyage back to England and…viola!   Port was born – necessity is indeed the mother of invention.  Go Brits!  That also explains why you so often see British names on Port (Grahams, Croft, Taylor Fladgate, Cockburn) rather than Portuguese names.

Port is different than your everyday table wine in that it is

  1. Higher in alcohol (18%) compared to 13% alcohol for your average table wine
  2. Sweet
  3. Full bodied
  4. A blend wines from different years (vintages)

“Tawny” means the wine has been aged in oak for an average of years that is designated on the label – 10, 20, 30, 40 years.   It is  (not surprisingly) tawny in color and its  flavors of nuts, caramelized figs, dates, prunes, caramel, chocolate and more  evolve and become more complex as it ages.

And… here’s a good one  –

Taylor Fladgate 10yr Tawny Port

This wine is sexy… it has pronounced aromas of almonds, pecan, praline, caramel and cocoa. On the palate its rich with flavors of raisins, dried plums, dried cherries and fig.  On top of that, the texture is luxurious, I’m talkin’ eyes-rollin’-to-the-back-of-your-head good!

Expect to pay $23-25 for this wine, but don’t feel like you need to finish it in a couple of days – it’ll keep for several months (corked well) after you open it.   And, this is well worth it –  tastes older than 10 years.

Drink it alone or with caramel apples or apple pie, dried fruit, caramelized almonds or pecans, dark chocolate, cheesecake, tiramisu, pumpkin or pecan pie.  Oh yummy!

Enjoy and GO WILD


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