WILD-ly practical wine recommendations & advice

WILD for a summer dinner party!

A friend who recently shared a story of a wine experience inspires this post.

Story is … she was going to a friend’s home for dinner and wanted to bring a bottle of wine.  At the wine store, amidst all of the colorful wine labels and unpronounceable grape varieties, her mind was reeling…white? red? what’s for dinner? That’s when she decided to bring cookies instead!

So, here I give you a reliable, go-to wine that you can bring to any dinner party and it will not only have a place, it will not disappoint.  It’s particularly nice during the summer- chilled with chicken and seafood and it’ a great pairing for a summer salad.

It is Pouilly-Fuissé.   Don’t be afraid of the name.  It’s just a fancy French way of saying it’s Chardonnay – a crisp, lightly oaked, refreshing Chardonnay. BTW pronounced “poo-ēy foo-sāy”.

POINT OF INTEREST>>> Pouilly and Fuisse are simply neighboring towns in the Burgundy region of France. In these towns there are hundreds of grape growers with very small plots of land.  They sell their grapes to the local grape broker (negociant) who then makes wine under the name of the towns.  A couple of famous brokers are Louis Latour and Louis Jadot.  Their labels look like this:

And, about the wine… this Chardonnay will generally be aged for at least a year in oak barrels before it’s bottled.  This gives the wine a smoothness and touch of richness without being too creamy or heavy.  The aromas and flavors are of lemon, green apple, melon with a hint of herbs and minerality.  The finish is long, clean and silky.

For this wine you can expect to spend $15-20 a bottle at retail- online you’ll pay less.  If you want to try before you buy… have it by the glass or bottle at a restaurant –it will be on the wine list of restaurants that pay attention to that part of the meal – particularly a seafood restaurant.

Enjoy and GO WILD!


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