WILD-ly practical wine recommendations & advice


At long Last!

After about a trimester of brewing and percolating, today I’m happy to announce the unveiling of my revised, upgraded, updated and  just-plain-snazzy NEW website –  www.winerium.com

I think (as the admittedly biased, proud parent) the site not only looks really fun and cool.  What you’ll find is ALOT more information.  Like:

  1. Wine info: You’ll see I’ve added a trivia question that I’ll change monthly and of course there’s a link to this blog.  Let me know if you got the trivia question correct!
  2. Event info:  There’s also more a about the types of events we do – including special events like wine and chocolate tastings.
  3. My info: I’ve added more information about me, my consulting services and client feedback.

You may also notice that I’ve dropped the “188” from the web address and my email address for simplicity – be sure to make note.

Please take a look at the new website, share it with your friends and feel free to shoot me an email from the CONTACT page – tell me what you think of the new site, I’d love to hear from you!

In the next blog… I’ll get back to my wine escapades.  The topic: WILD with a Fetish!  Look for it next week.  Until then…

Enjoy and GO WILD


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